How do you move through transition?

You can cut out all the flowers but you cannot keep the Spring from coming. ~Pablo Neruda

So here I am, sitting in the post-graduation and post-licensing exam place of transition. In Chinese Medicine, transitions are a time to return to the Earth element, which is all about digestion and assimilation physically and beyond. This concept is directly related not only to my experience right now, but also our collective experience in transition from Winter to Spring.

For me personally, I am spending time digesting and assimilating my experiences from the last 3 years. I am integrating knowledge and wisdom that I have gained and noticing how much my life has been transformed by this process. On a deeper level, I am awakening to desires for myself and my vision for bringing this healing work to the world that have not had the chance to surface until now. As I move through this transition, I think of those beyond myself who will be benefit from the journey that has brought me to this point.

While I have much to share and offer in the near future, I am now taking time to make the most of this transition process. I am slowly adapting to a different state of being and enjoying some rejuvenation. For me, this means spending more time in nature, more time committed to daily practices and more time enjoying friends and family. These are just a few simple ways to bring grounding energy to the transitions that we all experience.

Among the Earth element, there is so much richness and nourishment to experience. We all have this opportunity now, as we transition to the new season, to come back to our center and embody ourselves and our lives. Now is the time to notice how we are digesting food, thought and experiences.

With digestion at the center, it is also a time to eat regularly timed meals and cut back on any excesses in sugar, alcohol or processed foods. Enjoy the process of coming back to your own center, checking in with yourself and gaining new insights before the buzz of Spring sets in. Use these natural rhythms of life to better yourself and your health!

Need help through transition? Hang tight…acupuncture, herbal medicine and lifestyle awareness can help. I’m in transition now and those don’t last forever. Soon, I’ll be bringing this offering forward.

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