What is Women’s Health?

Empowered women tuning into their self-healing nature will change the world as we know it.

In fact, it’s already happening. We don’t have to look far to see other women who are on this journey of transformation of both inner and outer worlds.

As a woman myself, I have struggled at times to find better health on all levels of being and to define that for myself. I know I am not alone in this struggle. I continue to pursue knowledge, wisdom and experiences that will support positive change for myself and others. I want you to know that change is possible and improving your health doesn’t have to be a struggle anymore. I am here to support you on your own path of exploration around health and wellness as a woman. Together, we can question beliefs that we hold around women’s health and what that looks like. We can start a dialogue about women’s health, whether it’s here on this website, in a yoga class, a treatment room or somewhere else along the way.

How do we start this conversation?

Is it around the infamous yearly exam to your gynecologist for a pap smear and a few brief questions around menstruation and sexuality? That’s what a women’s wellness exam looks like, right? Is it around the inundation of information on the internet in regards to dieting, lifestyle, exercise, body image, childbirth, yoga? Or is all of the above just perpetuating the problem or, at minimum, the lack of clarity around how women can be empowered to make their own healthcare and life choices? The issue at hand quickly becomes bigger than expected. It is big. It is a big issue that cannot be ignored.

I may have far more questions than answers; however, I am writing this because I know you are out there also wondering if there is something more.

Something more that will help you awaken and transform your health, your relationship to yourself {and others} and your life. Something more that will help you feel deeply supported, peaceful and vibrant in your feminine embodiment. We long for this because we know it is within our reach.

How can this inform how we define women’s health?

While I am not seeking a clear-cut definition, this I feel is a good place to start the conversation. Women’s health is a dynamic topic, experience and field of medicine to dive into. Beyond the absence of disease, women’s health is ever-evolving, rhythmic and rooted in creative transformation. We can look to hormones for the rhythms, stages of life for the evolution and capacity to give birth, both physically and metaphorically, for the creative transformation.

We dive in a little bit deeper. Just as the uterus contains layers of muscle and tissue, so does the definition of women’s health. Layers upon layers of interpretation, meaning and deeper understanding exist below the surface.

Slowly, we see that there are so many different beneficial ways to approach women’s healthcare. Yes, we may need to have regular cancer screenings and obtain accurate, fully disclosed information around birth control options. Is that the best we can do for each other? I feel otherwise.

I see so many tools for helping myself and other women restore our connection to healing, fertility {of body and creative spirit} and vibrant, empowered living. Some of those resources include: acupuncture, herbal medicine {both western and eastern}, yoga, women’s circles, creative expression, naturopathy, self-care, pelvic floor physical therapy, counseling or therapy, nutrition, feminine sexuality, lifestyle changes, essential oils and many many more.

Chinese Medicine

With these tools at our fingertips, we can begin to enter into relationship with ourselves at a new level of depth and awareness. We can begin to trust our own experiences and intuitive voice. While others may be helpful and supportive along the path, ultimately, each woman can call the shots from how she gives birth to if she give birth; from what she eats to what media she consumes; from what she wears to how she moves in the world; from who she shares her body with to the products she puts on her skin. It all twists and turns into a beautiful web of inner and outer support that allows women’s radiant power, beauty and creative capacity to emerge.  

Women’s health becomes a web of explorations and discoveries. It becomes a way to approach life. Just as cells regenerate or as tissue is lost and then rebuilt for the following cycle, a woman’s life is also created anew when she changes her approach to attaining health.

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Change the world.

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What is Women’s Health
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