Hi there, I’m Kristin. Welcome and thanks for reading.

I am a Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist, yoga teacher, somatic sex educator and birth doula.

I am devoted to helping women awaken to their inner healer, embodied wisdom and creative potential to inspire radical personal and cultural evolution. I have many roles, as we all do, yet ultimately I am a woman walking the Earth during these perilous times with a fire in my belly and a deep well of hope for the future.

Through embodied education, mentoring and sovereign womb-centric health care, I hope to deconstruct cultural narratives that are hurting women and families (and all of us). I am not interested in maintaining the status quo or participating in health care narratives that tell women they are broken, infertile, or otherwise not enough.

I want to help you become your own authority when it comes to your health and vitality on all levels — physical, emotional, spiritual, relational and sexual.

I offer holistic health care with this in mind and heart. My approach weaves ancient wisdom, modern understanding and reverence for our physiology and innate intelligence. My work is a reminder that a woman’s soul path and her embodied experience are deeply connected.

I support women at various stages of life to understand and partner with their fertility cycle, improve their hormonal health, prepare for pregnancy and physiological birth, discover healing during the postpartum time and own their unique expression.

I help women reclaim their body and their pleasure as their own through the various phases of the menstrual cycle, the childbearing year and beyond.

I do this because I know that women empowered in radiant health and embodied expression are medicine for this Earth. As women, we must attend to our own belonging here and wake up to our inherent strength and wholeness. I am committed to doing just that and helping others along the way.

Currently, I am practicing in Vista, CA and offer virtual classes, workshops and mentoring worldwide. I also travel to Kansas, my home state, a few times a year and offer sessions when I am available.

My path

I am a long time yogini, a lifelong student, a compassionate friend, a travel enthusiast, a devoted partner and a new mom. My background is rooted in my passion for learning, embodiment, soul-inspired travel and undying curiosity.
I am a Kansas native who has lived in Spain, Costa Rica, Germany and spent extended time in India. Travel is a doorway that allowed me to explore other ways of being in the world starting in my teens.

I found my calling to transforming women’s health care through my own challenges as a teenager and young adult. Painful menstruation, cysts, lack of connection to the feminine, struggling relationships with other women, soul crushing anxiety, chronic cervical dysplasia, shame around my sexual expression and confusion on my soul path.

It was really one intense initiation after another for several years as I began to reclaim my vitality and give voice to the feminine.

I knew that I would have to face my relationship with my own mother and myself if I wanted to make a change. I knew that oral contraceptives couldn’t really be the solution to my hormonal health issues. I knew that there was more to being a woman in these trying times. I set out to find healing options that respected my body and improved my health and vitality long term.

I learned more and more about nutrition and lifestyle factors that could support hormonal health. I started meditating and decided to go to India to further study yoga and tantra, which I had found as a teenager. I opened my mind and heart to new ways of being in the world and in my own body.

This led me to learning about many ancient healing practices and making some radical changes in my life. After realizing that my own journey was leading me towards my soul’s path, I decided to pursue formal education in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine.

During the time I was getting my master’s degree, I continued to study women’s hormonal health, functional medicine, feminine sexuality and spirituality. I am grateful to have spent time with some amazing teachers along the way: Saul David Raye, Lara Catone, Kimberly Ann Johnson, Ellen Heed and Yvonne Farrell.

Some of my deepest work in this lifetime has been, and continues to be, deconstructing internalized patriarchal oppression of the feminine, coming into right relationship with my body, authentic expression and the Earth.

I continue to learn, grow and evolve every day. I am dedicated to my own healing and wholing process and really aim to live what I teach and share with others. If you want to learn more about me, you can find me on Instagram or Facebook.

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