What is healthy digestion?

The Earth Element, represented by the spleen-pancreas, regulates the “center,” that which is constant, from where it harmonizes the effects of the four seasons. -Inner Classic

  • Good appetite (not excessive or absent) at regular meal times
  • Daily bowel movement (no loose stools and not hard to go)
  • No bloating or feeling tired after meals
  • Steady energy throughout the day
  • No acid reflux, excessive gas or pain
  • Clear mind (no foggy thinking or overthinking)

Those are the basics, but there is much more to it than that. Digestion is such a key topic for health and vitality. I will continue to expand on this in the future. Also, I find that many people may believe that digestion is not an issue for them; however, after asking a few questions it becomes clear that there may be some room for improvement. Addressing digestive health is a good starting point to make lasting changes in your health.

If this post brought up any questions for you please post a comment below!

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