After a long hiatus, I resumed my yoga practice and have been faithfully going for the last 7 months. I thoroughly enjoy attending the sessions that Kristin teaches. When my schedule permits I even attend her back to back classes. Kristin has a very gentle spirit and calmness about her that radiates throughout the room. Her tone is soft and slow when explaining our poses and is very helpful in assisting us into poses when needed. I look forward to every Thursday, they have become my favorite day of the week. Thank you Kristin!


Kristin did an amazing job as my doula during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. We met a couple of times before my birth to discuss plans, hopes, dreams and even fears that I had. She gave me advice and tips to manage some of these fears too, which really helped me, especially as I got closer to my due date. She shined especially during the labor and delivery of my baby. She was there every step of the way during inactive and active labor. I am a person that needs to be around calm and grounded people during stressful times, and Kristin was that person for me. She followed my lead during labor. She was really good at picking up my cues and needs without me having to say anything. My husband was so thankful that Kristin was there too. He was able to grab dinner and go use the bathroom, without feeling guity that he was leaving me to labor by myself. I can go on and on. We hope to have Kristin as our doula for our next pregnancy and birthing experience!


After 10 years of trying to find a doctor to help me I kind of had lost hope. I have been working with Kristin for quite a while now. I first came to her on three medications and finding no cure in sight that would work for my PCOS. Kristin took the time to listen to me and hear me say I would eat better and workout more for months, she started treatment and little by little positive changes started to happen. She was patient and kind with helping me to find what would work for me. With supplements, acupuncture and her knowledge of women’s health, I have to say she knows what she is doing! I am 35 pounds down and off my medications and doing everything the natural way. Her support has been amazing and I would recommend her for any women’s health issues and beyond.


Kristin and the treatment, attention, and care she gives has been incredible. I began seeing her earlier this year for hormonal balance after struggling with horrible night sweats, extra long cycles, and noticeable PMS. My night sweats are now gone, my cycles have decreased consistently by about a week, and the PMS has lessened. This was HUGE for me as I’ve seen many doctors (both western and eastern) over the years and haven’t had these results! She has a very holistic approach, while offering herbal support when/if necessary and any other supplemental support she believes may help the process – one thing I’ve so appreciated about Kristin is her depth of knowledge and willingness to work with the body, “slow healing.” Kristin’s treatment rooms are so relaxing (I want to take a nap every time I’m in there!) and she is so gentle with her patients. I have learned so much from her on my healing journey and I continue to see her for overall wellness and to further prepare my body for pregnancy. I can’t recommend Kristin highly enough!


I have been taking Kristin’s yoga classes for over a year now. During that time she has helped me “uh-shrug” my shoulders and relax my neck, which is where I carry most of my stress. I love that when she begins most of her classes, she asks us if there is anything in particular that we would like to work on that day, any areas of the body that need attention or certain postures that we would like to practice. The pace of Kristin’s classes are just right, slow enough for a beginner to catch on (and catch up!), but still challenging for those who have been practicing yoga for years. She is really good at explaining things and demonstrating the different postures. I really appreciate the time and care she takes during her classes to make sure we are doing the postures properly so that we don’t hurt ourselves. Kristin has a calm and welcoming energy, and because of that she has a lot of very loyal yoga students (including me!).


I saw Kristin Hauser before the birth of my son in August of 2015. She is amazing. I had back pain during my pregnancy and within a few sessions it was gone! Kristin also has great bedside manner–she listens and is very comforting. When my water broke without any contractions, she came to our house and did a treatment. I would highly recommend Kristin whether pregnant or not.


Kristin is an amazing acupuncturist. She has a very sweet & caring personality. I have seen Kristin for well over a year & have been very happy to have found her. I struggle with Stomach issues (acid reflux & IBS) Kristin took the time to truly listen & sat with me at every weekly appointment to narrow down my issues. Prior to Kristin, I saw a gastroenterologist, who just didn’t care about my concerns or how I felt. After numerous visits, I felt nothing was being accomplished, so I never went back. Please know, that wasn’t my first suit with a specialist. I spent 10 years prior to Kristin working with doctors regarding my stomach issues. With Kristin you are more than a number. Kristin has helped me so much. I honestly can say no doctor has ever taken the time that Kristin has to help me live in harmony with food. Sounds silly but it’s so true. Kristin is amazing! When speaking with her regarding any concerns she is listening 100% and processing your concerns to help find some form of solution. Please be mindful that this way of medicine does take time, but it does way! Best part, everything is natural it’s amazing!


was new to Yoga 6 months ago and Kristin was my first Yoga instructor and that first yoga class with Kristin has changed my life! I immediately noticed the difference in energy after just one class with Kristin. My mood was elevated and my mind was more focused. I just fell in love with her classes and I started to coming to her class in a regular basis. She is motivating and inspiring. I tried other yoga classes too, but I have never been this focused as I was in Kristin’s class. She is just amazing and I definitely recommend her to anyone who wants to transform their lives like me.


Last year during my first pregnancy, I had a team of midwives, doula, acupuncturists and chiropractor to maintain optimum health for a natural birth.
Kristin has been my birth doula and acupuncturist since then and I could not have done it without her. Her knowledge for women’s health is extensive, she was both a healer and teacher for me through this process. I truly believe it helped position the baby optimally for birth. I also attribute my baby’s happy and jolly nature to the sense of calm I felt after our acupuncture sessions as I suffer from anxiety which was heightened by both the hormonal changes of pregnancy and anticipation of labor.
As a birth doula she was incredible and attentive. Her background in yoga really came through to get my contractions moving along with various stretches and poses. I was lucky and fortunate that my birth plan was near perfect, and I’m happy to say Kristin played a pivotal role in that experience.

Natalie speaking about a mapping session

I have deep reverence & appreciation for Kristin’s work. She has a gentle, kind and loving presence that allowed me to relax into the session and reclaim pieces of myself that I don’t believe would have been possible outside this profound work. I look forward to a day in the future when this is routine self-care for the modern goddess!

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