Holistic and Embodied Care for Womb Cycle Vitality and Hormonal Resilience, Fertility through Postpartum

Whether you’re considering an office visit, home visit or a virtual session, I am so glad you’re here and I would be honored to support you. I hope you find the healing that you need and awaken to your own power and body wisdom along the way. All of my work is trauma informed and tailored to fit your needs. Below, you’ll find the different services currently offered.

Issues commonly worked with in a holistic, embodied and bio-intelligent way:

Menstrual Health
Prenatal Care
Postpartum Care
Digestive Health
Sexual Healing
Stress related illnesses

Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine

East Asian Medicine provides a unique and holistic view of the body, especially in relationship to womb and hormonal health. While acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine are the most common modalities of East Asian Medicine, there are many others that are often incorporated into treatment plans, like cupping, moxibustion or vaginal steam therapy. You can read more about East Asian Medicine and the various modalities here.

Office visits are in Carlsbad, CA in the office of Elevation Family Chiropractic. First time visits last approximately 90 minutes and include a consultation, full health history and assessment, acupuncture treatment and any recommendations that I may have for lifestyle, nutrition, embodiment practices, supplements or herbal medicine. In most cases, follow up visits are 60 minutes. Health education, nervous system tracking and regulation are often incorporated into office visits depending on your specific needs.

Current Rates

Initial Consultation and Treatment $150

Follow up visit $95

Package of 5 followup visits $400

A note on insurance

I am currently not an in network provider with any insurance companies. I am happy to provide you with a superbill that you can submit to your insurance provider.

Home Visits

Sometimes it makes more sense to have me come to you! I offer home visits when necessary. This can be especially convenient during pregnancy as you approach birth or during the postpartum period when it’s best for you to be resting and nesting as much as possible. For home visits, there is a $50 travel fee for areas within a 20 mile radius of Vista, CA.

IVF Transfer Acupuncture

Pre- and post-embryo transfer acupuncture on site has been shown to increase the rate of implantation. An initial in office or home visit is required prior to your transfer for this service. This is also a way for you to feel more supported throughout the process.

Vulva + Pelvic Mapping

Vulva + pelvic mapping is a living inquiry into your vulva and pelvic anatomy. It is an embodied, educational experience of your anatomy in an environment that is not clinical or sexual. It involves skilled, hands on and hands in touch that allows you to reclaim your pelvis and gain insights on your unique path sexually, relationally and spiritually.

A mapping session lasts about 90 minutes and includes down regulation of the nervous system, skilled touch of genital anatomy and compassionate witnessing throughout the process.

This empowering process is a simple and radical way to explore sexual autonomy, claim your body as your own, understand your own anatomy, heal after birth and break through layers of shame.

Current Rate


More information

You can read more about Vulva Mapping here. If you are ready to claim this part of your body and being for deeper integration and deconstruct layers of shame within your own system, this is for you. This is also very supportive for healing after birth.

Virtual Session

Virtual sessions are offered to serve those who are not local. Each session is unique depending on your needs but usually includes aspects of the following: dietary and lifestyle recommendations, Chinese Herbal Medicine or supplement recommendations, acupressure guidance, somatic sex education and nervous system tracking and regulation. We can also go over lab results or other treatment plans if you are looking for a second opinion. Unless you have booked a virtual session or had an office visit with me before, a 60 minute initial session is recommended. All virtual sessions take place in zoom and you will receive details after booking.

Current Rates

60 minutes $97

30 minutes $49