This is a space for women to come home to their intuitive body, mind and spirit. I am called to co-create with women who are pursuing all ways of being embodied, wild and wise.


If you know there is more to your journey as a woman related to feminine sexuality and spirituality….

If you long to feel connected to your feminine essence, inner resources and creative capacity…

If you long to end pain or discomfort around your cycle or fertility…

If you deeply desire to feel supported on your fertility journey

If you want to believe that radiant health is possible…


This is for you!

work with me

Womb Medicine Mentoring

Feel empowered in your body and connected to your creative womb space. Education + embodiment based virtual mentoring around women’s health, feminine spirituality and sexuality. Together we can explore what it means to partner with your body for vitality and ease. Schedule a free 30 minute phone call with me below.

Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine

Holistic healthcare for women who are ready to create lasting changes in their lives and tune into their inner healing potential. Free yourself from physical or emotional challenges related to your menstrual cycle and feel supported on your fertility journey and beyond.
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Yoga + Workshops

Yoga is a process of transformation that is initiated deep within the self. Through embodiment, breath and self-inquiry the integration of inner feminine and masculine begins. With consistent practice and devotion, feel free in your body and connected to your spirit. Find out more about my journey as a yogini and my offerings as a teacher here.

Womb Wisdom


After a long hiatus, I resumed my yoga practice and have been faithfully going for the last 7 months. I thoroughly enjoy attending the sessions that Kristin teaches. When my schedule permits I even attend her back to back classes. Kristin has a very gentle spirit and calmness about her that radiates throughout the room. Her tone is soft and slow when explaining our poses and is very helpful in assisting us into poses when needed. I look forward to every Thursday, they have become my favorite day of the week. Thank you Kristin!
Frances F.
Kristin did an amazing job as my doula during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. We met a couple of times before my birth to discuss plans, hopes, dreams and even fears that I had. She gave me advice and tips to manage some of these fears too, which really helped me, especially as I got closer to my due date. She shined especially during the labor and delivery of my baby. She was there every step of the way during inactive and active labor. I am a person that needs to be around calm and grounded people during stressful times, and Kristin was that person for me. She followed my lead during labor. She was really good at picking up my cues and needs without me having to say anything. My husband was so thankful that Kristin was there too. He was able to grab dinner and go use the bathroom, without feeling guity that he was leaving me to labor by myself. I can go on and on. We hope to have Kristin as our doula for our next pregnancy and birthing experience!
Jenna H.
After 10 years of trying to find a doctor to help me I kind of had lost hope. I have been working with Kristin for quite a while now. I first came to her on three medications and finding no cure in sight that would work for my PCOS. Kristin took the time to listen to me and hear me say I would eat better and workout more for months, she started treatment and little by little positive changes started to happen. She was patient and kind with helping me to find what would work for me. With supplements, acupuncture and her knowledge of women’s health, I have to say she knows what she is doing! I am 35 pounds down and off my medications and doing everything the natural way. Her support has been amazing and I would recommend her for any women’s health issues and beyond.
Cassie H.

Awaken the Medicine of Your Inner Healer

Awaken your inner healer. Transform your relationship to the feminine. Change the world.

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